How We Work

Keeping this in mind we spend most of our time in understanding thoroughly and completely your requirement and systematically planning around it. Whether you are a mid-sized company or a large business conglomerate, your requirement and our understanding of your requirement is what our relationship with you revolves around. We believe in this truly and completely.

Our selection process is based on a structured and systematic approach, which is proactive, detailed and focused. This process begins with understanding your needs and goes all the way to post recruitment follow-up with both client and candidate.

Understanding of the untold rules of the game is the iap Edge and Advantage.

The key principles of our working methodology are as follows :

Understanding your company with regards to the existing business activities, organization structure, culture and immediate and far future business plans.

Mapping position specific competencies including job title, deliverables, principal accountabilities and other relevant details.

Developing a Sourcing Strategy that draws up a target list of appropriate industries and/or companies from which to recruit and utilizing our network, along with our database to develop a list of most promising candidates within these companies.

Establishing Contact with candidates to apprise them for eliciting their interest in the position.

Evaluating candidates with the aim of determining a profile match with the job and suitability in the context and culture of client organization through personal interviews.

Negotiations for the final candidate’s compensation requirements and assist in completing the hiring/departure arrangements.

Our working methodology is as follows:
  • Understanding the Organization Business needs and requirements
  • Mapping position specific competencies with the candidate profile
  • Developing a sourcing strategy
  • Establishing contact with the candidates
  • Conducting interviews and candidate evaluations
  • Negotiations for candidate salaries
  • Hiring/departure formalities